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COSMOS Vegetable

HEXYL LAURATE 月桂酸己酯 251-932-1 Vegetable-based low viscosity oil with light skin feel and high spreadability. Good solubilizing capacity of UV absorbers and excellent compatibility with silicones. Good cleasing effect.

ISOSTEARIC ACID, DIBUTYL LAUROYL GLUTAMIDE, DIBUTYL ETHYLHEXANOYL GLUTAMID 异硬脂酸, 二丁基月桂酰谷氨酰胺, 二丁基乙基己酰基谷氨酰胺 About EC.No of this product, please see “Product info”. Premix of amino acid based oil gelling agents in ISOSTEARIC ACID EX. Increases viscosity and solidifies oils while keeping high transparency. Reduces oily texture, and works as a texture improver and stabilizer for emulsions.

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