Corporate Philosophy of HAI

Unparalleled Originality

We aspire to be a company built on unparalleled originality and
our management principle: the fusion of our three core values.
  • HAI is engaging in company-wide initiatives aimed at further corporate growth based on our management philosophy focused on CSR.
    HAI quickly started research and development into plant-based higher alcohols, functional esters and isostearic acids derived from palm oil, etc., enabling us to achieve a stable supply of safe, high-quality products for a range of applications, primarily in the cosmetics field.
    Underlying all of our operations is our corporate philosophy that emphasizes CSR, not only in relation to manufacturing high-quality products, but also how to fulfill our social responsibility and social contribution.
    Based on such philosophy, we are currently rolling out a company-wide improvement activity, what we call the "Earth 21 Movement", aimed at realizing a management framework based on our three core values of corporate social responsibility, cost-effectiveness and humanity and improving quality, efficiency and meeting our deadlines with an awareness of current social issues.
    Everyone at HAI is working together to achieve further corporate growth and the realization of our corporate philosophy.
  • What is CSR?

    CSR is a social responsibility that a company must fulfill while placing an emphasis on its relationship with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and the local community, etc. instead of prioritizing the profits gained through its business activities.
    HAI is developing a management framework that emphasizes CSR, such as providing safe and high-quality products and services, and consideration of the environment.

  • We Aspire to be a Company Built on Unparalleled Originality.
    Our unique technologies amassed through a variety of research and development activities in the area of cosmetic ingredients that emphasize novelty, innovation, cost-effectiveness and safety enables us to continuously produce safe and high-quality products.
    Our range of products, refined and manufactured with a strong emphasis on protecting the environment, have earned the trust of leading manufacturers, not only in Japan, but also overseas.
    HAI is committed to further refining our technologies, while also working aggressively on the development of new technologies with the aim of becoming a company built on unparalleled originality.
  • We contribute to our customers.
    We have invested in facilities to
    execute our corporate philosophy.
    In order to contribute to a sustainable society, we prioritize necessary environment and safety considerations, and continuously improve the equipment at the second factory which is aimed at compact design. We have been constructing additional facilities to manufacture safe and reliable cosmetic raw materials to respond to our customers' requests that concern to the environment and small-lot and multi objective production.



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