Vision / Company History

"Composing the Future"
for all customers

High-quality and Original Technology Built on Research and Development
  • Future vision of KOKYU ALCOHOL KOGYO CO., LTD.
    The completion and new operation of The Second Plant and R&D Center in the spring of 2016 have enabled us to increase our production capacity, achieve heightened quality assurance and engage in the proactive development of new ingredients.
    We have established our position in the global market thanks to our high value-added products. Keeping in mind our core values: humanity, CSR and cost-effectiveness, we will continue to contribute to all customers and end users for the growth of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical cultures through the realization of our slogan, “Composing the Future”.

Company History & Transitions

  1. Before

    Period Focused on Contract Manufacturing

    Prior to 1985, approximately 50% of our business was in contract manufacturing and we were a relatively small company with an annual turnover of 300 million yen. Quality management was our top priority and we were not yet involved in new product development.

  2. 1952

    Taiyo Sekken Co., Ltd. was established in Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

  3. 1953

    Company name was changed to KOKYU ALCOHOL KOGYO CO., LTD.

  4. 1983

    Operation of new esterification plant started.

  5. 1985-

    Growing Demand for Esters and Plant Relocation

    Aiming at breaking away from contract manufacturing and developing our own products, we manufactured higher alcohol flakes during this period. This period saw the easing of regulations for cosmetic ingredients and technologies and production methods for the formulation of esters and expanding our production capacity became a key priority compelling us to relocate our plant to Taiei-machi (currently Narita-shi).

  6. 1985

    Manufacturing of high-purity higher alcohols started.

  7. 1988

    Tokyo office was opened in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

  8. 1989

    Head office and plant were moved to Narita, Chiba.

  9. 1990-

    Inauguration of Narita Plant and Expansion in South Korea

    With the new esterification plant in Narita, our production capacity increased by approximately five times. During this period, our core product, "ISOSTEARIC ACIDS" were launched.
    We also developed a full-fledged approach to South Korea, a country to which we had exported only small amounts at that time. Marketing strategies based on high-quality products at competitive prices compared to our competitors enabled us to increase sales. During this period, we also started investigating raw material sources from overseas.

  10. 1991

    Tokyo office was moved to Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

  11. 1992

    Automatic warehouse was newly built.

  12. 1997

    The first expansion of hydrogenation plant was completed.

  13. 2000-

    New Product Development and Global Expansion

    From 2000, our experience in penetrating the Korean market led the way to selling our products in Europe and the USA. Our goal was and still is to substitute ingredients from animal or petroleum origins to plant-based materials and develop functional ingredients. "HAILUCENT ISDA" and "RISOCAST DA" were launched. In 2007, the European Union enforced a new chemical regulation, "REACH", compelling us to establish an affiliate company, ESTENITY, in Lyon, France, in 2008.

  14. 2001

    Premises for the expansion in Taiei Kogyo Danchi were purchased.
    The second expansion of esterification plant was completed.

  15. 2003

    ISO14001 certification was obtained.

  16. 2006

    Reinforcement work of the esterification plant was completed.

  17. 2007

    Tokyo office was moved to Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

  18. 2008

    Automated warehouse of hazardous materials was newly built.
    ESTENITY was established as the affiliated company in Lyon, France.

  19. 2010-

    Product Differentiation by Quantifying Functionality

    In 2010, we started the process of quantifying the feel of our products on the skin. Sensory evaluations of lipsticks and lip glosses were now mostly converted into numerical values, making possible suggestions based on objective data.

  20. 2010

    ESTENITY laboratory was established in Lyon, France.
    Reinforcement work of the hydrogenation plant was completed.

  21. 2011

    Capitalization was increased to 17 million yen.
    Ester production capacity was increased.

  22. 2012

    Fractionating facility was expanded.

  23. 2013

    Premises were purchased to build a new plant and a research building in Taiei Kogyo Danchi.
    Esterification plant (reactor and fractionating facilities) was renovated.

  24. 2014

    Certificated as “Business Innovation Planning Company” from Chiba prefecture.

  25. 2015

    Started to build The Second Plant and R&D Center in Taiei Kogyo Danchi.

  26. 2016-

    New Plant and R&D Center Established and the New Challenge of Entering the Pharmaceutical Market

    Since 2011, we had been focusing on new product development based on skin science and also technical application to haircare formulations.
    Following a long preparatory period, construction of the Second Plant and R&D Center was completed in 2016. We embarked on a new chapter to enter fully into the pharmaceutical market.

  27. 2016

    The Second Plant & R&D Center was completed.

  28. 2017

    Capitalization was increased to 22 million yen.

  29. 2019

    The plant for small batch was built in the Second Plant.

  30. 2019

    Capitalization was increased to 37 million yen.

  32. 2019

    HAI KOREA was established as the affiliated company in Seoul, Korea.

  33. 2019

    Companies with excellent management innovation in Chiba prefecture
    Received the Best Company Award.

  34. 2021

    Completion of second factory expansion.