「Launched a new product KAK TCIN」

We launched a new product, “KAK TCIN” at CITE Japan 2015.



Remarks :

Low viscosity oil with high refractive index

Light and smooth texture

Good compatibility with various oils

Excellent solubility of UV absorbers (UVA). Low viscosity oil with high refractive index and light smooth texture.


HAI_PF2_KAK TCIN_en_2015_fin_x1a

【CITE Japan / Japan】 in June 2015

Exhibition name : CITE Japan

Website : http://www.citejapan.info/

Date  : 3-5 June 2015

Location : Yokohama, Japan

Exhibition Center : PACIFICO Yokohama

Booth No. :

Guide of the exhibition:

The largest exhibition of Japan once every other year on cosmetics raw materials and manufacturing technology.

KOKYU ALCOHOL KOGYO have participated in this exhibition from the 1st.

【PCHi 2015 / China】 in February 2015

Exhibition name : Personal Care & Homecare Ingredients

Website : http://www.pchi-china.com/en/

Date : 12-14 March 2015

Location : Guangzhou, China

Exhibition Center: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center

Booth No. : 3F38(Taiwan High and Better Corp.)

Guide of the exhibition:

PCHi provides business platform for domestic and international ingredient suppliers to engage manufacturers of cosmetic, personal care and household products in China.