Privacy Policy

You are not required to submit your address, name or any other personal information to access this website.
However, HAI may request that you provide personal information upon receiving an inquiry from you regarding information on HAI’s products and/or services. HAI may use collected personal information for the following purposes:

1. to provide you with information on HAI’s products (catalogues), services and to make offers to you ;
2. to ship samples of HAI’s products to you ; and
3. to respond to questions, opinions and requests from you .

HAI shall properly manage your personal information , and shall make every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, leakage and other risks. By submitting personal information you indicate that you acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions herein. Collected personal information shall not be disclosed to any third party except under the following conditions:

・when you have given consent to the use of your personal information;
・when the personal information is provided in such a way as to prevent identification of the individual;
・when required by law;
・when required for the protection of human life, to prevent injury or the safeguarding of assets, and in cases when obtaining your consent would be difficult; or
・when required to cooperate with the lawful activities of a national agency, local government organization or a person or organization entrusted with such work , and when obtaining customer consent would interfere, or likely interfere, with the performance of such activities.