Article / Our new product “DIOL PD-V” appeared in Expression Cosmetique No. 39

Our new product “DIOL PD-V”, which was released at in-cosmetics Paris on April 2016, is featured on a cosmetic raw material industry magazine ‘Expression Cosmetique No. 39’ (P. 112, French/English).

DIOL PD-V is antimicrobial glycol produced from non-GMO plant, and low odor thanks to our unique fractionation and deodorizing technique. It is listed on the IECIC of June 30, 2014.




Expression Cosmetique No.39

「Launched a new product KAK TCIN」

We launched a new product, “KAK TCIN” at CITE Japan 2015.



Remarks :

Low viscosity oil with high refractive index

Light and smooth texture

Good compatibility with various oils

Excellent solubility of UV absorbers (UVA). Low viscosity oil with high refractive index and light smooth texture.


HAI_PF2_KAK TCIN_en_2015_fin_x1a

New Hydrogenation Plant in Narita started in December 2011!

The capacity of the Esters production will increase about 50% especially for main products. The new plant will contain two new reactors with special stirring blade for the production of oligomeric polymer derivatives of high and medium viscosities. It is also equipped with treatment and purification facilities. This new plant can be run under continuous production lines.

KOKYU ALCOHOL KOGYO as specialized in cosmetics ingredients field emphasizes again high quality products.
Reference : Kagaku Kogyo Nippo (Journal of Science and Industry) 29-Nov-2011